We are the USA distributor for Harrell's Wax and other W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd products. Our supply house is in Charleston, SC. We will be happy to provide any USA retailers with our products.
Harrell's Wax is part of W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd, out of England. W.S. Jenkins is a family run business, which was established in 1921. The company is now run by the fourth generation descendants of Mr Humphrey (one of the original founders). This continuity, inherited expertise and attention to quality are the cornerstone to the success and reputation that W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd enjoys today.

W.S. Jenkins & Co Ltd exports its products worldwide, providing both traditional and modern wood finishing materials in a comprehensive range. Included in the extensive range are products sold under three trade names: PARIMOVA paint strippers, HARRELL'S wax polishes, and STAINAX (a range of colored water-based wax emulsions).

We appreciate that technology moves forward and are continually developing and improving our products. We acknowledge that with some products (such as our French Wax and Wax Polishes) it is essential to use the highest quality raw materials. Our waxes are manufactured using our traditional recipes, which produce the finest products on the market. The U.K. locations are able to produce small batches of products to the customer's own specifications. Our USA distribution office will be happy to make that order for you.

Well known in the trade for the quality of their products, the company uses only the finest ingredients while manufacturing their comprehensive range of materials. Please email us with any questions about custom orders.
If you are a retailer and would like to carry Harrell's Wax or Jenkin's Wax products in your store, contact our USA distribution office: